Career Coaching is a narrative coaching approach where we work beyond the resumes and letters of application, into what one is passionate about in life and work.

Find your meaning and passion through your story; put those into an action plan so “work” becomes your passion and delight.

Using a narrative approach, the information we glean from your story informs the “strengths” base and interests we build, so you can find work and avocation that serves your talents and strengths.  we bring a focus and grounding to the how-tos so this passion can be born into your work!   This dynamic process is empowering and reassuring for one’s direction and success.

Deborah Stewart Finestone Career Coach

Career Coaching Session

Career Coaching Testimonial:

“You helped me believe in myself when I lost that confidence. You kept listening and pointing me in a direction so I could find my own way. And now I am working at exactly the job I want!! What could be better?

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